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1 Letter To The Editor - Intolerable Silence 05/18/10 Jewish Press
2 Sen. Tom Duane letter to NY Times 05/17/10 Senator Tom Duane
3 Op-Ed: The Next Step In Preventing Sexual Abuse 04/21/10 The Jewish Star
4 Orthodox Patrol Group Says Call 911 On Pedophiles 04/20/10 Jewish Week
5 Important Alert From Flatbush Shomrim; Protect Your Children 04/15/10 Yeshiva World News
6 Speech By Father of Lebovits Victim to Sentencing Judge 04/12/10 Frum Follies Blog
7 Op-Ed: Rabbinic Leaders Silent On Child Sexual Abuse 03/09/10 Jewish Week
8 CEO Of Ohel: Compromise On Markey Bill Should Offer 1 Year Amnesty Plan For Perpetrators 04/30/09 David Mandel
9 Joint Statement from Agudath Israel and Torah Umesorah‏ Regarding Statutes of Limitations For Civil Claims 04/21/09 The Moetzes Gedolai HaTorah of Agudath Israel of America
10 Abused Kids Pawns in Brooklyn Power Struggle? 04/02/09 BushwickBK.com
11 Op-Ed: Response to "Abuse in Our Community" 04/18/07 SFJ Founders
12 Abuse in Our Community 04/11/07 Vaad Harabbonim Rabbinical Council Of Greater Baltimore
13 So Many Rules, So Little Protection - Sex & Suppression Among Ultra-Orthodox Jews 01/01/07 Lilith
14 An open letter to Rabbi Matisyahu Salomon 12/05/06 Mailing
15 Orthodox Abuse And Cultural Forces 06/30/06 Jewish Week
16 DA Hynes' Letter in regards to Kolko article, and Response 06/25/06 NY Magazine
17 On The Rabbi's Knee 05/14/06 NY Magazine
18 Editorial: The Cancer Grows 03/14/06 Jewish Press
19 An Anonymous Flier (Pashkevil) In Brooklyn 02/25/06 Jewish Press
20 Child Molester Alert 02/21/06 Mailing