The Mondrowitz Casemondro


Avraham Mondrowitz was arrested in 1984 for charges relating to the sexual abuse of minors. He subsequently fled to Israel, escaping prosecution due to Israel not considering sexual abuse an exraditable offense. In 2006, due to changes in the extradition treaty, Mondrowitz was arrested in Israel.

Legal Documents


Halachic Rulings

In 1986, leading rabbinic authorities, in both the United States and Israel, issued halachic rulings, denouncing Avrohom Mondrowitz in the most severe and harsh terms possible. Below are copies of their rulings. Click each image to see a full size PDF copy of the ruling.

    Psak of Badatz Bais Din, Jerusalem                     Psak of Bais Din Bais Yosef, NY     

israel_hebrew_thumb   israel_english_thumb

            Hebrew                          English Translation

US_Hebrew_thumb   US_english_thumb

              Hebrew                              English Translation


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