Agudath Israel's Executive VP Wonders Whether Actions Taken By Bloggers To Save Kids From Abuse Were Worth It

By Failed Messiah blog
June 3, 2012

"...[T]hrough the pressure [bloggers] have created, communal issues that need to be confronted were moved to the front burner and taken seriously. A case in point is abuse and molestation issues. The question is, if the fact that [bloggers have] created some degree of change is worth the cost. At the very least, it's rechilus, lashon hara, and bittul zman. That's a high price to pay."

What Agudath Israel of America's Executive V.P. Rabbi David Zwiebel is asking is as follows: is the publication of true negative information about a pedophile or about rabbis covering for a pedophile(s), or false information, or the waste of time that should have been spend studying Torah, worth the improvement bloggers caused by doing all that. His answer seems to be no.

In other words, for Agudath Israel of America, saving the lives of children and preventing pedophilia is less important than preventing rechilus, lashon hara and bittul Torah.